POS Tool

POS Tool provides information on the provision and location of public open space (POS) and the facilities and amenities provided within parks across Perth and Peel.


For the general public - POS Tool offers a quick and simple way to find local parks in your local area and see what facilities are provided. You can find your closest park or locate a park with certain facilities.

For planners and developers - POS Tool can help you with your planning decisions. You can assess and visualise the spatial distribution of POS (including parks, nature and bushland) by suburb or local government authority across the Perth and Peel Metropolitan Region and analyse summary data on POS provision, park amenity, park catchment and assess gaps in current provision. In the advanced features you can analyse POS within your own identified areas of interest and “scenario test” future needs against population growth.

For researchers - POS Tool provides an opportunity to assess and export POS-related information for use in research projects requiring data on POS (including parks, nature and bushland, school grounds, and residual areas). POS variables can be exported and used in combination with other datasets such as census or your own dataset.

POS Tool is brought to you by the Centre for the Built Environment and Health, based at The University of Western Australia and was funded by the Australian National Data Service. Aspects of POS Tool were made possible by research funding from the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation (Healthway).

To access the POS Tool click here.