WA State Government policy and guidelines

Western Australian government policies and guidelines relevant to the provision of public open space. 

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Title Department/Authority  Year  Synopsis/Purpose  Local/State/National   
Environmental Protection Bulletin No.20 - Protection of naturally vegetated areas through planning and development Environmental Protection Authority 2011 This bulletin sets out the EPA’s views and expectations for the design of urban and peri-urban development proposals in order to protect naturally vegetated areas.   State  
Community Use of School Facilities and Resources  Department of Education 2008 School facilities and resources must be made available for use by the community, TAFEWA colleges and any other potential users.  State  
Liveable Neighbourhoods  Department of Planning 2009  Liveable Neighbourhoods has been adopted by the WAPC as operational policy, and is to be followed in the design and approval of urban development. Liveable Neighbourhoods applies to structure planning and subdivision for greenfield sites and for the redevelopment of large brownfield and urban infill sites. State  
Policy No. DC. 2.3 – Public Open Space in Residential Areas  Western Australian Planning Commission 2002  Basic component of the policy is the requirement that 10% of the gross subdivisible area of a conditional subdivisions shall be given up free of cost by the subdivider for public open space.   State